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Air Travel in Brazil

TAM generally do a good job of flying people internally in Brazil and have plenty of International routes also. There are also other internal airlines within Brazil competing for the internal flights.

Bus Travel in Brazil

Travel in Brazil, other than flying is easier done by bus. There are many bus companies operating and most stick to their certain routes; generally regional.

The BuscaOnibus website lists bus times and fares for Brazil’s bigger bus companies. everything I gleaned from it operator & time wise was 100% correct when i got to the respective bus station (Rodoviaria) to book the tickets.

Train travel in Brazil

This is generally only done in the cities, there being few long distance trains at all.

CBTU – operates local lines in:

CBTU Natal

CBTU Joao Pessoa

CBTU Recife

CBTU Maceio

CBTU Belo Horizonte

All have their respective timetables listed on their site.

There is a tourist train in Sao Paulo, CPTM Expresso Turistico, which runs at weekends to one of three destinations, Jundiai, Mogi das Cruzes & Paranapiacaba using 1950’s built Alco RS3 locomotives and two refurbished coaches with opening windows. The probelm with this operation is that tickets can only be bought from two CPTM stations and must be paid for in cash. They can’t be reserved from overseas at all. We tried this via a Portuguese speaking friend and CPTM told him it was not possible.

It is possible to check the availibility for Expresso Turistico online for each train by date though, but that’s it.

Railway Photography

Brazil Railway May 2013

Having been pondering doing Brazil since 2007 I finally got round to doing it; and not before time! The whole idea was to do the CBTU commuter lines with Alco RS8’s at Natal, Recife, Joao Pessoa & Maceio with a ride on the CPTM Expresso Turistico with an Alco RS3 to Jundai in Sao Paulo being a bonus. Initial Read the Rest…

General Photography

Brazil May 2013

Having been pondering doing Brazil since 2007 I finally got round to doing it; and not before time! Places visited: Natal, Joao Pessoa, Recife (Olinda), Maceio & Sao Paulo Our entry into Brazil was from Cuba on the back end of a visit there. We booked a return trip through Copa Airlines, via Panama City and would ultimately Read the Rest…