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TrainKos operate the national rail service, throughout Kosovo; also offering a cross-border train to Skopje in neighbouring Macedonia. PDF downloads don’t seem to be available for Kosovo at the moment.

A comprehensive list of both passenger and freight operators in Kosovo can be found on the helpful Wikipedia Kosovo page.

Train times and Tickets

Booking tickets for travel within Kosovo can only be done at railway stations or on-board trains. Tickets are not available online. Interrail & Eurail or railway staff passes are not valid in Kosovo; only tickets bought from TrainKos direct are.

The cross-border train from Skopje to Pristine involves a change of trains at Hani I Elezit; Macedonian locos & stock are used Skopje – Hani I Elezit and TrainKos locos and stock Hani I Elezit – Pristine. 

For the Rail Enthusiast

A comprehensive list of TrainKos Locomotives can be found on the Wikipedia Kosovo page or in the TrainKos 2016 Annual Statement along with some other useful bits of information.

A detailed map/atlas of the South East Europe & Turkey Railway Systems, which includes Kosovo, is available from European Railway Atlas.

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