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Yorkshire Wildlife Park VIP Visit – 14th May 2017

Having been to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park a few times and not for a couple of years, this was a trip with a difference. It was one where we got to feed lions, otters, squirrel monkeys and a whole host of other fun creatures, all while being escorted around the park by a park ranger. For two hours, which seemed to fly by but also seemed to last and age, we were in our own world as we got up close and personal with the natives. The weather was great, the girl showing us round was nice, and patient with us, and the animals themselves were something else; it was like making new friends.

I can’t recommend one of these VIP trips round the park enough. We enjoyed ours that much that we’ll probably do one every now and again, just for the fun of it.

Photos of the different animals we got to meet are sectioned below:





Lion Feeding




Hog & Mara


Squirrel Monkeys






The rest…….


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