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All details as at September 2012

Mozambique’s railway systems are split into three areas:

CFM Norte, operated by CDN which operates the Nampula – Cuamba passenger train

CFM Centro based in Beira, which operates passenger trains to Moatize, Marromeu & Dondo

CFM Sul based in Maputo, which operates passenger trains on the Ressano Garcia, Chicaulacaula & Goba lines

CFM Norte (CDN)

Operates the following trains, both of which have both 2nd & 3rd class on all days now, along with a restaurant car:

Trains run 7 days a week (as at September 2012)

0530 Cuamba – Nampula

0500 Nampula – Cuamba

Fares for the journeys can be found below, unfortunately there were no timetables displayed anywhere:

CFM Centro (Beira)

Doesn’t offer much in the way of passenger trains but does now run through all the way from Beira – Moatize since February 2012.

The Beira – Moatize runs as follows:

Tuesday 1850 dep Beira – Wednesday 1349 arr Moatize

Thursday 0700 dep Moatize – Friday 0303 arr Beira

Although there is supposed to be a Beira – Dondo commuter train this didn’t run on the Tuesday we were there, so maybe it doesn’t run on the day the Moatize does?

A notice showing the introduction of the train and a copy of the timings sheet we were given by the on train staff are below, along with the price list for the Marromeu train. Note it costs MT801 in 2nd class throughout from Beira to Moatize:

CFM Sul (Maputo)

Has by far the best passenger service of all the CFM networks. We were told by the Station Master that the following trains run and actually observed them all. They were all loco hauled except the Chokwe:

0600 (M-F) to Matola Gare & 0655 return

0730 (SSuO) to Chokwe & 1420 return (DMU)

0745 (M-F) to Ressano Garcia & 1210 return

0800 (SSuO) to Ressano Garcia & 1220 return

0955 (SO) to Chicaulacaula & 1015 (SuO) return (was the Chokwe extended)

1300 (WO) to Chicaulacaula & 1300 (ThO) return

1730 (M-F) to Matola Gare & 1830 return

1745 (Su-F) to Manhica (was the Marracuene extended) & 0300 (M-S) return

1800 (Su-F) to Goba & 0350 (M-S) return

1815 (Su-F) to Ressano Garcia & 0300 (M-S) return

Maputo Station had a display timetable and the following were taken from it, which shows the Manhica timings since it was extended and a summary of all departures. Note that the Maputo – Matola DMU service is currently suspended with the exception of those above, which are now loco hauled:

Tickets in Maputo are based on zones with MT5 increments. For example Maputo – Matola is MT5 and Maputo – Ressano Garcia is MT15, both in 3rd class. They can be bought at the booking office or on board the trains.

For a comprehensive list of train times in Mozambique see the Fahrplancenter website but read it with the above information until updated.