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Australia is such a vast country and its hard to comprehend actually how big until you arrive and understand how long journeys across the country take, even by plane.

My only trip so far only covered a small part of the country but the trains and planes I used were efficient enough and did what was required of them. Of course there is more to see from a train window yet planes get you there quicker. Each to their own I guess. Below are links to the train companies websites that may well come in handy:

Country Link – provide intercity trains between Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Dubbo & Casino

City Rail – provide suburban services in Sydney

V Line – provide suburban and some longer distance services in Melbourne

Great Southern Rail – run the long distance services “The Ghan” from Adelaide to Darwin, “The Overland” from Adelaide to Melbourne & “The Indian Pacific” from Sydney to Perth via Adelaide (full timetables for which are below, including passing times at stations the trains don’t stop at)

For days out by train there are a couple of operators that run both steam & heritage diesels in New South Wales:

3801 Limited – run regular trips from Sydney to Moss Vale/Robertson (Cockatoo Run & Illawara Tree Top Flyer)

Heritage Express – run main line tours from Sydney including operating regular trips with their “Southern Aurora” train

Canberra ARHS – run regular trips from Canberra with steam, diesel & railcars

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