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Barrow Hill Rarities Gala 18th April 2015

Barrow Hill Roundhouse Galas aren’t usually on my agenda but the previous couple of weeks left me with a bug to get my red pen out again so a trip down the road it was for the Saturday of the gala. I was slightly disappointed when Colas sent their latest out-shopped Class 60 but other than that the line-up was decent enough and I was keen to see what all the fuss was about surrounding the DRS Class 68’s!

The gala line-up was as follows:

DBS 60092, Colas 60002, DRS 68001 & GBRf 66754 working T&T with 27066 during the day.

ELR’s D832 & D7076 worked T&T with 26007 during the day.

Some of the trains were that wedged during the day that people had to be asked to get off to allow others to get on and when GBRf’s 66754 departed with the first train of the day on Saturday everyone turning up on the day was still queuing outside waiting to get in! Everyone seemed to have a good day though and the bonus of the day was 03066 giving free cab rides in the yard; for those that needed it of course, or even to get the track in.

All the locos were given a good clean prior to the event start that morning with GBRf’s 66754 being attended to with a brush prior to the first train departing. The rest of the yard area was pretty full with the following being present (not an exhaustive list):

03066, 08834

20301, 302, 303, 311, 314, 901, 905


33035, 33108

37503, 510, 521, 714, 884

40012, 40013


81002, 82008, 83012, 84001, 85006, 89001

Photos from the Saturday of the event are below:

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