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Battlefield Line Railway 20th July 2013

After getting an outing the previous week at the Battlefield Line Railway, due to the non-availability of 73114 and the very hot weather, 31101 was used to operate the full service again a week later, mainly due to the continued non-availability of 73114. Whilst 73114’s problems were rectified during the day 31101 saw the whole day out, including having worked a driver experience run earlier in the day prior to the first passenger departure.

31101 sounded even better than it had done the previous week and since it’s engine work had been completed it seemed to be a lot louder, and crisper, than it had previously been in preservation. It was driven well throughout the day and the audience 31101 had attracted went home having had a satisfactory amount of thrash.

As the Battlefield will be taking delivery of an on-loan steam loco, returning from repairs at its resident South Devon Railway, 31101 is not likely to be used again until October.

31101 worked the following:

1115 Shackerstone – Shenton, 1150 Shenton – Shackerstone, 1230 Shackerstone – Shenton, 1305 Shenton – Shackerstone, 1345 Shackerstone – Shenton, 1420 Shenton – Shackerstone, 1500 Shackerstone – Shenton, 1535 Shenton – Shackerstone, 1615 Shackerstone – Shenton, 1650 Shenton – Shackerstone

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