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AMT 27th August 2012

Doing anything with AMT in Montreal was a bonus, we’d not planned it and hadn’t even realised we could do anything until having a quick scan at the timetables on the journey into Montreal the previous evening.

There are only two outbound trains from Lucien L’Allier in a morning, which was just enough for us to string a bash together using an AMT Zone 1 ticket, which was valid just long enough for us to do exactly what we needed. Double backs are allowed on their tickets, which are valid with a time limit and are effectively a rover between the two points during the time limit allowed.

AMT seems to have a bit of a selection of “cast off” traction from various different commuter lines, some of which is hired in, all of which was spotted that morning and we only saw about 10 trains. Our bash basically consisted of two return trips to Montreal West, stepping off at Vendome coming back in both times.

Locos seen on the morning of 27th August were as follows:

Ex GO Tranisit, now owned by RBRX and leased to AMT, F59’s

18520 – 0545 Vaundreuil – Lucien L’Allier, 0700 Lucien L’Allier – Vaundreuil

18521 – 0730 Vaundreuil – Lucien L’Allier (T&T with EMD GP40FH-2 4140)

18522 – 0645 Vaundreuil – Lucien L’Allier (T&T with EMD GP40FH-2 4143)

18531 – 0700 Candiac – Lucien L’Allier


302 – 0600 Candiac – Lucien L’Allier, ecs to Candiac then 0735 Candiac – Lucien L’Allier


4118 – 0658 Hudson – Lucien L’Allier (T&T with GM F40PH 411)


530 – 0655 Vaundreuil – Lucien L’Allier

532 – 0625 Vaundreuil – Lucien L’Allier, 0750 Lucien L’Allier – Beaconsfield


1327/1320 (T&T) – 0610 Saint Jerome – Lucien L’Allier

1321/1329 (T&T) – 0655 Saint Jerome – Lucien L’Allier

A good morning was had by all, before we walked to Montreal Central for our Amtrak “Adirondack” to head over the border into the US.

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