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Conisbrough Castle 23rd July 2013

At the third attempt within a month we managed to get into Conisbrough Castle keep; the first time the castle had been closed and the second the keep closed due to an electrical issue with the lighting on the stairs. I can understand why the keep was closed for safety reasons; even with the lighting on it is quite dark so in almost complete darkness it would have been dangerous! 

The weather had been nice when we’d arrived; broken cloud and quite sunny. By the time we emerged from the keep, at the top of the castle, it had clouded over and looked like it would rain at any moment. The otherwise cracking views over the Dearne Valley, towards Cadeby and across towards Doncaster marred only by the fact that it was quite dull. From the castle roof though everything that Conisbrough has to offer can be seen; the viaduct, the church and of course, though not Conisbrough, the vacant site of Cadeby Colliery that would have once dominated the skyline directly opposite the caste.

The view of the castle grounds is excellent from the viewing area and gives a better idea of how they were laid out when actually built up and occupied.

Conisbrough Castle is well worth a morning or afternoon of anyone’s time.

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