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East Lancashire Railway 23rd April 2016

31466 had seen quite a lot of use already during 2016 at the East Lancs Railway, generally when I was away on holiday! Thankfully I’d been keeping an eye on the Bury Diesels Loco Roster and was pleased when 31466 had to stand in for 37418; again! The weekend previous to this had seen it put out at short notice but nobody seemed to cotton on to the fact so it was almost May by the time I managed to head over the Pennines for my first ride of the year with it.

31466 worked the booked diesel turn on both Saturday 22nd April and Sunday 23rd April. The weather wasn’t particularly inspiring and unfortunately neither was the driving; not a single field divert at all! Still the little red machine keeps going and has definitely proved its worth at the East Lancs, and long may it continue.

Photos from Sunday 23rd April:

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