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East Lancashire Railway (ELR) – Santa Specials 2014

During December 2014 the Dean Forest Railway’s 31466 was put to work at the East Lancs Railway on their very successful Santa Specials between Bury & Rawtenstall. It worked on the following dates:

13th, 14th and 19th to 24th December inclusive, a total of 8 days which would see it cover more than 600 miles.

While the locos on both Santa Specials were on the downhill end of the train (Bury end) they were required to assist the steam in rear up the hill to Rawtenstall with both sets of stock being load 8. Unfortunately from a cranks point of view being 8 coaches away from the loco isn’t ideal but 31466 could be heard very clearly, even when pushing up the hill on the back of the train!

Here are some of the photos of the Santa Specials taken on both 21st & 24th December 2014:

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