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Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway (EBAR) June 2012

Most bank holidays throughout the year the Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway host a Thomas the Tank Engine weekend. They always have at least one diesel working trains, with two sets of stock in action and 3 locos in total. Locos run round each train at Bolton Abbey and lay over a train each time at Embsay. Each engine works 5 round trips of the line (excluding the Embsay – Bow Bridge section, which is utilised by Thomas, Percy, Annie & Clarabel and usually features an 08 to assist the steam).

This particular weekend had the extra bonus day tagged on at the end for the Queen’s Jubilee making it a four day weekend. 31119 worked the “diesel turn”, as it was now becoming, starting at Bolton Abbey at 1000 and finishing back there at 1745. In true style the weather for the whole weekend was rubbish, and probably put quite a few people off attending the event full stop. It didn’t stop a handful of 31 bashers turnign up on various days though…….

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