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Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway (EBAR) April 2012

Most bank holidays throughout the year the EBAR host a Thomas the Tank Engine weekend. They always have at least one diesel working trains, with two sets of stock in action and 3 locos in total. Locos run round each train at Bolton Abbey and lay over a train each time at Embsay. Each engine works 5 round trips of the line (excluding the Embsay – Bow Bridge section, which is utilised by Thomas, Percy, Annie & Clarabel and usually features an 08 to assist the steam).

Embasy & Bolton Abbey Railway

This particular weekend was 31119’s first weekend at work after not only a lengthy period out of service, but also in its new coat of blue paint. Other than a minor issue with a fuel filter making 31119 start to hunt on the Friday evening (which was rectified that evening), 31119 performed faultlessly.

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