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India February/March 2013

Having traveled to Bihar a little over 12 months previous with some quite disastrous consequences as far as my travel plans went I was keen not to be beat by a “small” setback and this trip took me pack to Patna where we lost out on a lot of ground on that last trip.

It was a very calculated trip starting in Delhi and taking in the likes of not only Patna in Bihar but also Saharsa and some of the lesser known places that are connected by rail.

The trip started in Delhi and headed through Uttar Pradesh en-route to Bihar, before exiting into Jharkhand then returning to Uttar Pradesh at Varanasi. From there we headed directly up into Punjab and on into Himachal Pradesh before a long journey to Jaipur in Rajasthan and then heading back to whence we started at Delhi…….

A comprehensive report on my travels can be found here in the Railway section of my site, along with plenty more photos.

Uttar Pradesh



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