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Llangollen Railway 22nd September 2012

This gala was unfortunately 31162’s last appearance at the Llangollen Railway before heading off to the Great Central North a few days later. A1A Locomotives 31162 had performed faultlessly during its time at Llangollen and this day wasn’t going to be any different. It was shame that it couldn’t be said for the home fleet……..

The extension from Carrog to Corwen hadn’t been completed before 31162 left, which was a shame, however it would get the honor of working the first train over the extension to Bonwm on the first train of the day. Well actually it wouldn’t courtesy of 37240 failing on shed with a brake fault and by the time 26010 was readied to T&T with 31162 it was too late and the 0925 Llangollen – Bonwm departed 40 late and terminated at Carrog with 31162 running round vice and T&T loco.

37240 never made it for its second duty of the day, the 1200 Llangollen – Carrog & return and the train was caped as a result, it did manage to make it for the 1400 Llangollen – Carrog though, once the guys on shed had removed bits, cleaned them and replaced them.

Thankfully for those wanting to get Bonwm in for a 31, 31162 had been rostered the last train of the day, which also ran to Bonwm, T&T with 26010. This was both 31162’s last run at the railway and the first ever loco-hauled passenger train over the new extension to Bonwm. A fitting way for 31162 to bow out at the Llangollen Railway, and it didn’t let anyone down on the noise stakes, especially with the extra weight on the back end.

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