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Malawi is a hard country to get around by train as CEAR only use one set of stock at any one time, which results in the set doing a circuit rather than out and backs in a day meaning you only have one chance per week to do the train. The circuit runs as follows (as at September 2012):

Wednesday – Train 201 0700 Limbe – Balaka via Bilila

Thursday – Train 304 0600 Balaka – Nayuchi & Train 305 1245 Nayuchi – Balaka

Friday – Train 200 0600 Balaka – Limbe via Bilila

Saturday – Train 100 0900 Limbe – Makhanga

Sunday – Train 101 0700 Makhanga – Limbe

It is the same engine that works the whole circuit generally, certainly Wednesday to Friday as there’s no other place to swap it other than Limbe. CEAR’s Timetable is posted on their website in PDF format but just in case scanned copies are below as at September 2012:

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