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Midland Railway Butterley 8th February 2015 (20205’s first outing in preservation)

A bit of a historic occasion occurred on Sunday 8th February 2015 when 20205 hauled its first passenger trains in preservation; this being the first passenger outing for the loco in 25 years!

The Midland Railway Butterley (MRB) had certainly pulled the crowds in and the car park at Butterley was wedged to bursting by 1000, with the first train at 1010. To make life a little easier on the day, as 20205 is air braked only, 20048 & 20189 were positioned at either end of the train to act as brake translators for the vacuum braked stock and also worked in tandem with 20205.

The load 6 set had very few empty seats as 20205/189 departed Butterley with the 1010 service and more people turned out during the morning so I’d say the event was a massive success for the MRB; and well done to them for realising the potential.

I only attended in the morning, during which the weather couldn’t have been better; making the day a good one for photography as well.

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