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Nene Valley Railway Diesel Gala 12th April 2015

As seems to unfortunately happen all too regularly with the Nene Valley Railway Galas some last minute changes to the traction had to occur due to non-availability; namely from Devon & Cornwall Railways who had no class 56’s to spare and said they’d send 31190 & 31601 instead to substitute. For some this was a massive bonus and something that swung their attendance; however on the day only 31601 was supplied as 31190 had to stand in for yet another class 56 failure, which left UK Rail’s 56104 to fly the flag for 56’s at the gala.

The whole gala line-up was:

D9520, D9529, 31271, 31601, 33109, 50008, 50015, 56104, 60001 & 66757

Thankfully DCR’s 31601 was in a bit better state than it had been at the Mid Norfolk Railway a couple of weeks earlier but it still wasn’t at its best; it having been one of the best 31’s in service during its time in Wessex Trains livery. The Neve Valley galas always seem to pull a decent crowd and with the variety of locos it did just that on the Sunday of the event despite the relatively high ticket prices; as is generally the same everywhere nowadays at diesel galas.

On Sunday 12th April 2015 the 31’s worked the following:

31271 – 1152 Yarwell – Peterborough (multi with 31601), 1250 Peterborough – Wansford (multi with 31601), 1620 Yarwell – Peterborough, 1730 Peterborough – Wansford

31601 – 1152 Yarwell – Peterborough (multi with 31271), 1250 Peterborough – Wansford (multi with 31271), 1420 Yarwell – Peterborough, 1530 Peterborough – Wansford

Photos from the Sunday of the gala are below:

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