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Nene Valley Railway Gala (NVR) May 2012

The Nene Valley Railway Galas always throw up something “different”. A cracking weekend, especially for 31 bashers……..

Unfortunately the plan for this gala was ever changing, right until the last minute, due to various locos not being available.

56018, 56091, 37905 all on the starting line-up were not ready in time, replacements 37109 & 56301 were also not fit for traffic, the former actually was fit but couldn’t be passed fit to travel on the main line to get to the gala.

So replacements became 47812, 56312 & 31601, those on top of the original line-up, 31108, 31602 (still in Network Rail livery), D9529 (which failed on Sat and was replaced by D9520), 55019 & a GBRf Class 66 (66746 Sat and 66745 Sun), made for an interesting gala indeed.

The highlight was the Sat evening “beerex” with 31108, 601 & 602 all multi’d up providing an entertaining run to Peterborough & return. All 3 of the 31s worked faultlessly, with A1A Loco’s 31108 being the best of the three. 31602, which had worked its first passenger train in Network Rail livery, and would be painted into BAR green livery after the gala, was still in good form, with decent diverts too.

For anyone wishing to return to the Nene Valley to have 31108 again on a “normal” running day see A1A Locomotives Loco Roster.

As i only went on the Saturday all of the photos posted are from Saturday only.


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