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Nene Valley Railway (NVR) 18th October 2014

Due to some rather unfortunate circumstances, 31271 was pressed into it’s first outing since returning to the Nene Valley Railway as A1A Locomotives resident loco. It was only requested to stand in vice the rostered steam loco at 1500 the previous day! Unfortunately for the steam loco it had managed to shoot a piston through it’s housing while working a driver experience course the day before; something that I was told could well prove quite costly to repair.

It was a dismal start to the day and every driver’s worst nightmare as 31271 was slipping and sliding virtually throughout the first round trip. As ever a decent driver always prepares the track for the next trip and a fair bit of sanding along the route cured the majority of slipping and allowed for ‘271 to do it’s stuff for the remainder of the day’s outing. A good day out, with plenty of thrash but a lack of folk about to sample it; although most of the trains at the NVR were quite full all day!

31271 worked the following on Saturday 18th October:

1000 Wansford – P’boro via Yarwell, 1100 P’boro – Wansford, 1145 Wansford – P’boro via Yarwell, 1245 P’boro – Wansford, 1400 Wansford – P’boro via Yarwell, 1500 P’boro – Wansford

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