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Nene Valley Railway (NVR) 26th September 2014

The Nene Valley Railway September diesel gala produced an excellent day on the Friday of the three day event; it being almost exclusively run by class 31’s. Initially the day was planned as a type two event but due to the non-availability of 26043 the stand-in loco, 33035, deputised and worked alongside A1A Locomotives 31108 & 31271.

Both 31’s were at the event as 31108 would be returning to the Midland Railway Centre after the event and 31271 would be taking it’s place as the resident A1A Loco at the NVR. The timetable for the Friday was intensive, despite there only being three engines, and as a result produced quite a decent mileage day for those that made the effort; even for those just turning up for the 33. All three locos performed well and other than a bit of poor signalling at Wansford that delayed some trains the day went off without a hitch and finished spot on time. A day well planned and even better executed by those involved in the operation on the day.

31108 worked the following on Friday 26th September:

0928 Wansford – P’boro, 1002 P’boro – Wansford, 1237 Wansford – Fletton Jct from Yarwell, 1402 Wansford – P’boro (with 33035), 1436 P’boro – Wansford (with 33035), 1520 Wansford – P’boro (with 31271), 1554 P’boro – Wansford (with 31271), 1726 Wansford – P’boro (with 31271), 1800 P’boro – Wansford (with 31271)

31271 worked the following on Friday 26th September:

0829 Wansford – P’boro, 0859 P’boro – Wansford, 1134 Wansford – P’boro, 1208 P’boro – Wansford, 1237 Wansford – Fletton Jct to Yarwell, 1327 Fletton Jct – Wansford, 1520 Wansford – P’boro (with 31108), 1554 P’boro – Wansford (with 31108), 1726 Wansford – P’boro (with 31108), 1800 P’boro – Wansford (with 31108)

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