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North Yorkshire Moors Railway (NYMR) July 2011

Nemesis Rails 31128 spent the whole season at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway (NYMR) in 2011 and was there to stand in when something was needed for the main line section from Grosmont to Whitby, although it did its fair share of regular work standing in for steam locos during times of poor availability.

On this occasion, on both 18th & 19th July,  31128 was used on a Whitby turn, a turn known about quite a few days in advance due to poor steam availability.

The turn was as follows:

0900 Pickering – Whitby (from Grosmont), 1100 Whitby – Pickering (to Grosmont), 1200 Pickering – Whitby (from Grosmont), 1400 Whitby – Pickering (to Grosmont), 1510 Grosmont – Gothland, 1610 Gothland – Whitby & 1730 Whitby – Pickering (to Grosmont for 24061 forward).

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