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Peak Rail – Easter 2013

At Peak Rail the 2013 Season had been under way since January but no diesels came into the frame until March due to their service operating with steam only and terminating at Matlock Riverside to negate the need for a T&T loco.

Due to D8 being out of service having some work done on it, 31270 is the staple T&T loco until it returns to service and over the Easter Bank Holiday Peak Rail were offering services from Saturday to Wednesday inclusive so plenty of opportunity to take a ride down over the long weekend.

Peak Rail’s reliable steam loco, disguised as 68013 (which is actually WD150 or 3816) wasn’t being used at the start of the season, they’d had a gala in March and WD132 had been used the previous weekend, giving way to 3883 “Lord Phil” for the Easter Weekend. The latter having been out of service at Peak Rail for a number of years.

31270 seemed in good health despite the very cold weather (it was snowing on the Monday), and it performed faultlessly and was even given a bit more thrash than usual away from Darley Dale after the crossing.

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