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Peak Rail January 2012

An early start to the 2012 proceedings at Peak Rail, they could have picked a better day though. It was -5 overnight and felt that cold at Rowsley when we arrived, to find 31270 clouding the place out with white smoke. It hadn’t taken kindly to the cold start and we could see the smoke eminating high above, in the hills, as we descended into Rowsley.

It didn’t like the cold start that much that it decided to site the first train out and let the kettle do it on its own, as it was suffering from a brake fault caused by the hard frost overnight. Thankfully normal service was resumed for the second of 5 trips but it was freezing on board despite the steam heat from the kettle.

As a result the day was spent drinking hot tea, wrapped up to the nines and huddling in a compartment that actually had heat, with steamed up windows to boot. Very atmospheric……..

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