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Snow December 2010

The snowfall of December 2010 offered plenty for the avid photographer to point his camera at. This section has a few mini collections from my local area, not that it was possible to get any further afield…….

Conisbrough Castle

Having spent most of my life living in Conisbrough and not having seen snowfall of the magnitude that 2010 brought it, it was like a dream come true to be able to at least make it there and spend a day with the camera, photographing some of the many things Conisbrough has to offer.


Conisbrough Viaduct

Who can resist the attractions of Conisbrough Viaduct in the snow? I wasn’t quite thinking that when i got back to the car, that had to be left in Cadeby, after forgetting to take the bottle of water i had in the car with me…….. It was well worth the walk though, despite the stupidity!



The falls are plenty enough of a reason to attempt to get into Sprotborough at any time with a camera, when there’s snow around it’s beauty is increased ten fold.

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