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Spa Valley Railway (SpVR) 28th September 2013

Having planned a weekend down at the Spa Valley Railway, just to do 31206; I wasn’t best pleased when the railway altered their loco roster, showing 31206 as only working on the Saturday and 73140 on the Sunday instead. Still, it meant a much needed rest on the Sunday instead of going back to the Spa Valley…….

31206 performed way better than it had done since my first visit to the railway back in August; probably as the drivers had now familiarised themselves with the 31? It was loud, had a good divert and certainly sounded the part when being given a bit on the straight from Eridge towards Groombridge. Unfortunately though the load 4 wasn’t anywhere near enough to tax 31206 going up the hill back to Tunbridge Wells West.

A good day out and it was good to see some other faces in attendance.

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