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Spa Valley Railway (SpVR) April 2014

During April 31206 worked almost all of the weekend diesel turns at the Spa Valley Railway; mainly as there were only it and 33063 in service.

Over the weekend of 12th & 13th April 31206 worked a Saturday turn on both days, with it leading out of Tunbridge Wells on the first train working the following throughout the day:

1010 Tunbridge Wells – Eridge, 1230 Eridge – Tunbridge Wells, 1315 Tunbridge Wells – Eridge, 1530 Eridge – Tunbridge Wells, 1615 Tunbridge Wells – Eridge & assisting in rear of the 1706 Eridge – Tunbridge Wells

Thankfully the issues that had prevented 31206 from even getting off shed the previous weekend had been rectified and all was well with there being no issues over the whole weekend. Unfortunately the issues that prevented it being out the previous weekend turned out to be human error and 31206 had no fault at all!

Photos from the Weekend are below:

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