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Switzerland September 2013

While this trip wasn’t a trip in its own right it turned out to be an excellent way to get into and out of Germany; and a cracking time we had too…..

Thursday 5th September 2013 (The only way is Lenzburg)

Having stayed in London the night before, our conveyance to London City Airport was the first Docklands from Lewisham. Everything was straightforward and we were making a bid for Zurich Airport station before we knew it; and the bash commenced……..

The days’ plan consisted, on paper anyway, of every possible Re420 move that could be done out of Zurich prior to our departure for Stuttgart at 1905. Having arrived courtesy of 460076 on IC818 there were quite a few Re420’s to spot and a move soon came together based on the new ones we saw. This move actually allowed time to gather our thoughts so we did so downstairs doing a few single Re450’s to pass the hour or so we had to kill.

At 1108 we departed Zurich HB on IR1770 Zurich – Basel with Re420 11197, the bulk of the days bash then being Zurich – Lenzburg & return. The IR’s were a plus 2 at Lenzburg and cross platform too, to make life a bit easier. We started on IR1770 and finished back at Zurich at 1452 off IR1777 1347 Basel – Zurich; having done IR1771 to IR1776 consecutively in between; all to/from Lenzburg! All were Re420’s except IR1771 which was booked for an Re460. The bonus was 11125 standing in for an Re460 on the 1408 ex Zurich. Every plus two at Lenzburg made, with ease, despite the odd couple of minute late departure from Zurich HB.

The weather was fantastic, almost 30 degrees, and the open air stock made for a decent days bash; especially as most trains were empty in the front coach. Every trip out and back allowed us to cast our eyes over the various carriage sidings and by the last trip we’d seen 4 of the 5 Lion sets with T&T Re420’s, and managed to get 6 of the 8 locos on them:  420203/213, 420225/226, 420205/2xx & 420216/2xx, which would aid our evening rush hour bash.

The moves in Zurich in the evening rush hour are plentiful but of course it’s impossible to cover everything so we opted to stay local and do the Lion turns & cover the 1641 Luzern & 1733 St Gallen. With time to play with we opted for a quick out and back to Thalwil before heading downstairs to cover the Lion turns; scooping in a few Re450 double and triple sets beforehand.

One thing I’ll say for the evening’s bash is that it was tight, but it all went to plan; just! There was a lot of running about from upstairs to downstairs between the three Lion trains we covered and the 1641 Luzern & 1733 St Gallen. The heat didn’t help but it was certainly worth it in the end. By the time we’d walked to the front of the 1733 Zurich – St Gallen I was about ready for a rest on the run to the Aiport but the combination on the front just had to be photted; from the opposite platform in glorious sunshine. Since the Re420’s had been replaced on the Chur – St Gallen turns the diagrams had changed slightly, resulting in IR3831 1733 Zurich – St Gallen now being  booked a pair of Re420’s, however what we had on the front was the Re420/Re421 combination of 11193/421392. I was thinking this might have been due to the fact that we’d seen Re420 11118 vice Re421 on one of the Zurich – Singen turns earlier in the day; and the diagrams may have been messed up at some point? Either way it was different…….

Back at Zurich we covered the last of our three Lion turns before ordering a 16 inch pizza between us and relaxing on board IC180 1905 Zurich – Stuttgart with 421394, which had managed to find its was into the turn 11118 had been working earlier in the day; unfortunately for me. The pizza was that big I had to tip it sideways to fit it through the door and with the train only being load three it seemed to act as a safeguard, preventing anyone else sitting with us in our bay of four! We were Germany bound……..

Gen for Thursday 5th September (All SBB spottings were at Zurich)

11118 621.4 (Vice Cargo Re421) was replaced by 421394 for IC180 1905 Zurich – Stuttgart, 11121 611.18, 11125 601.7 (Vice Re460),11138 611.16, 11149 611.28, 11155 611.11, 11161 611.27, 11172 611.33, 11191 611.13, 11193 611.17, 11194 611.14, 11196 611.24, 11197 611.29, 11214 611.8 11215 611.12, 11218 611.26, 11228 611.25

420226/225 21.5/21.6, 420209/224 21.3/21.4, 420203/213 21.7/21.8, 420221/205 21.1/21.2

421371 621.2, 421379 621.1, 421392 611.21 (Vice Re420), 421394 611.22 (Vice Re420) then onto 621.4 from IC180 1905 Zurich – Stuttgart replacing 11118 in the diagram)


11193/421392 were in multi on IR3831 1733 Zurich – St Gallen

421394/11191 were in multi on IR1785 1647 Basel – Chur to Zurich

11215/11161 were in multi on IR1787 1747 Basel – Chur to Zurich

The Moves

G-LCYG London City Zurich 0700 London City – Zurich BA8763
460076 Zurich Airport Zurich HB 0841 Romanshorn – Brig IC818
450046 Zurich HB Low Level Zurich Hardbrucke 1011 Uster – Zug 18936
450069 Zurich Hardbrucke Zurich HB Low Level 1017 Rafz – Pfaffikon 18539
11197 Zurich HB Lenzburg 1108 Zurich HB – Basel IR1770
460116 Lenzburg Zurich HB 1047 Basel – Chur IR1771
11194 Zurich HB Lenzburg 1016 Chur – Basel IR1772
11121 Lenzburg Zurich HB 1147 Basel – Zurich HB IR1773
11228 Zurich HB Lenzburg 1308 Zurich HB – Basel IR1774
11161 Lenzburg Zurich HB 1247 Basel – Chur IR1775
11125 Zurich HB Lenzburg 1408 Zurich HB – Basel IR1776
11196 Lenzburg Zurich HB 1347 Basel – Zurich HB IR1777
460049 Zurich HB Thalwil 1447 Zurich Airport – Luzern IR2347
460044 Thalwil Zurich HB 1435 Luzern – Zurich Airport IR2348
450099 Zurich HB Low Level Zurich Stadelhofen 1451 Baden – Uetikon 18661
450030 Zurich Stadelhofen Zurich HB Low Level 1508 Seuzach – Brugg 19260
511008 Zurich HB Low Level Zurich Hardbrucke 1514 Rapperswil – Affoltern am Albis 19560
450000 Zurich Hardbrucke Zurich HB Low Level 1517 Aarau – Wetzikon 18363
420226 Zurich HB Low Level Zurich Stadelhofen 1600 Zurich Hardbruke – Dachsen 19163
450096 Zurich Stadelhofen Zurich HB Low Level 1621 Zurich Stadelhofen – Bulach 18064
11149 Zurich HB Zurich Enge 1641 Zurich HB – Luzern IR3535
514047 Zurich Enge Zurich HB 1633 Horgen Oberdorf – Zurich HB 20466
420209 Zurich HB Low Level Zurich Stadelhofen 1700 Zurich Hardbruke – Dachsen 19167
450065 Zurich Stadelhofen Zurich HB Low Level 1622 Pfaffikon – Schaffhausen 18566
11193 Zurich HB Zurich Airport 1733 Zurich HB – St Gallen IR3831
460049 Zurich Airport Zurich HB 1747 Zurich Airport – Luzern IR2361
420221 Zurich HB Low Level Zurich Stadelhofen 1800 Zurich Hardbruke – Dachsen 19173
450084 Zurich Stadelhofen Zurich HB Low Level 1722 Pfaffikon – Schaffhausen 18572
421394 Zurich HB Singen 1905 Zurich HB – Stuttgart IC180
181210 Singen Stuttgart HB 1905 Zurich HB – Stuttgart IC180


Monday 9th September 2013 (The parting gesture (from Germany))  

Our German bash came to an end at Lindau upon the arrival of 4209 1212 Ulm – Lindau. It had been an excellent three and a bit days in Germany but we had to head back to Zurich for our late evening flight home; our parting gesture from Lindau not being the SBB Cargo 421 on EC194 1233 Munich HB – Zurich HB but our first Taurus ever in the shape of OBB 1016008 on the 1427 Lindau – Bludenz stopper. This we did over the border to Bregenz and enjoyed the sunshine there while waiting for 421371 to take us forward to Zurich Airport; enjoying a well earned beer in the on board restaurant car as we sailed through the Swiss countryside.

Not content with getting off at the airport and heading for home we did a 460 into Zurich HB and headed straight downstairs to view the only Lion 420 turn we could, this being the 1700 Hardbrucke – Schaffhausen, which very surprisingly turned up with 420216/229, the outstanding set we hadn’t seen 5 days previous. That done, we really were on our way home, and what better way to finish than on IR3831 1733 Zurich HB – St Gallen to the airport? This time we weren’t so surprised to find the Re420/Re421 combination that we did, on the front of the train. This time it was 11155/421379. Surely this must now be a booked turn for an Re421? Bizarrely it was the last of the 4 Re421’s, that the Cargo sector hires to the passenger sector, that we hadn’t had on this trip; a massive bonus for Aidy!

At the airport we could relax a little as we’d already managed to check in via WiFi in Germnay and then print our boarding cards anyway in between getting off EC194 at the airport and getting on our 460 into Zurich HB. The check-in kiosks are only at the top of the steps from the platforms; which was a bonus, even if we managed to completely miss them initially!

Our flight home with BA was nice and efficient and more importantly, empty, and I was on a Docklands from City Airport towards Bank within 10 minutes of landing. Unfortunately my early arrival at Kings Cross couldn’t get me home any earlier; not without trying though. I was booked on the 2200 Kings Cross – Newcastle to Doncaster but got denied from the 2035 Leeds and then again from the 2135 Leeds an hour later; although the guard did then take pity on me and allow me to travel on her train eventually. This actually being the worst journey I’ve ever done on a HST on the ECML; it was freezing cold and the ride quality was shocking; resulting in me having to literally wait until the train had stopped at Stevenage to finish off my cup of tea! All in all though the train did the job and delivered me to Doncaster on-time; the end!

Gen for Monday 9th September 2013


1016008 5589 1427 Lindau – Bludenz

1016016 5665 1444 Bregenz – Bludenz


11127 611.8, 11155 611.21

420216/229 21.3/21.4, 4202xx/226 21.7/21.8

421371 621.2, 421379, 611.17 (Vice Re420?), 421392 621.1


11155/421379 were in multi on IR3831 1733 Zurich – St Gallen

The Moves

115509 Munich HB Munich Ost 2112 (08/09) Hamburg Altona – Munich Ost CNL1287
218440 Munich Ost Munich HB 0546 Muhldorf – Munich HB 27000
111040 Munich HB Munich Ost 0742 Munich HB – Salzburg 79009
111065 Munich Ost Munich HB 0602 Freilassing – Munich HB 79006
111130 Munich HB Munich Pasing 0833 Munich HB – Mittenwald 57180
101082 Munich Pasing Ulm 0639 Salzburg – Karlsruhe IC1268
218406 Ulm Laupheim West 1012 Ulm – Lindau 4207
218438 Laupheim West Ulm 0906 Lindau – Stuttgart 4226
218431 Ulm Friedrichschafen Stadt 1002 Stuttgart – Lindau 4225
218456 Friedrichschafen Stadt Ravensburg 0653 Salzburg – Munster IC118
218409 Ravensburg Lindau 1212 Ulm – Lindau 4209
1016008 Lindau Bregenz 1427 Lindau – Bludenz 5589
421371 Bregenz Zurich Airport 1233 Munich HB – Zurich HB EC194
460114 Zurich Airport Zurich HB 1541 Romanshorn – Brig IC832
420216 Zurich HB Low Level Zurich Stadelhofen 1700 Zurich Hardbrucke – Dachsen 19167
450054 Zurich Stadelhofen Zurich HB Low Level 1721 Zurich Stadelhofen – Zurich HB Low Level 18068
11155 Zurich HB Zurich Airport 1733 Zurich HB – St Gallen 3831
G-LCYJ Zurich London City 1910 Zurich – London City BA8768
43295 Kings Cross Doncaster 2135 Kings Cross – Leeds 1D33



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