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Tunisia June 2012

A short 7 day trip, it was a quick in/out trip, railway orientated of course, which didn’t take us anywhere other than northern Tunisia along the railway lines from Tunis – Bizerte & Tunis – Ghardimaou (on the Algerian border).

We based ourselves at the Hotel Omrane in Tunis, a short 2 minute walk from Tunis Ville station. It’s a decent enough place with AC rooms and a double cost us TD87 per night. The hotel staff speak English, and French, so ringing ahead isn’t an issue.

Train travel in Tunisia, by tourists, is generally limited to the Tunis – Sousse, Hammamet & El Jem trains. I’ve never seen another tourist on the Bizerte or Ghardimaou lines at all, but that’s not to say they’re not worth travelling over, especially if you want to make the border crossing into Algeria.

It was 40 plus degrees every day and our trip was right in the middle of harvest time. The majority of the photo’s posted were taken from the train doors, which were left open to at least allow some air flow to the people standing in the vestibule areas.

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