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USA (Alaska) May/June 2011

During part of a trip to the USA & Canada we stopped off at what i consider one of the most scenic parts of the world that I’ve ever visited, the White Pass & Yukon Route Railway in Alaska. This tourist railway runs from Skagway in Alaska to Carcross in Yukon, Canada. It travels a distance of 60 miles and climbs to White Pass Summit, 20 miles from the port of Skagway, in 2888ft, through some of the most challenging gradients, clinging to the cliff sides as it goes.

Skagway itself is a small town but has plenty of accommodation to offer during the season. Most people visiting town arrive by ship, during a cruise, however it’s easily accessible from Whitehorse in Canada via either the railway itself or the highway connecting the two. In fact travelling one way by road and the other by train is highly recommended.

I’ll let the photos show just how scenic this place is………….

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