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Yorkshire Wildlife Park – July 2013

Yorkshire Wildlife Park is on the outskirts of Doncaster, off the A638, and is well signposted off the main roads.

An excellent day out, whether you have kids, or not; if you want to avoid the masses of visiting children, visiting after approx 1300 on school days, will ensure most have already left, or are in the process of returning to school.

Excellent maps accompany your tickets to allow you to choose where to go first and cover the park’s sizable area at your own pace. These maps also list the feeding times and when talks are given by the park rangers; along with other daily events.

With a whole host of animals to see, including the larger Tigers, Lions & Leopards, along with the smaller Squirrel Monkeys, Marmosets & Meerkats and a load of others to boot, what more could you want from a walk in the park…….

A thoroughly enjoyable day, or afternoon, out, even if the Tigers and Lions are napping in the shade……….




Squirrel Monkey







The Rest…….

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