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Many people spend days, or even weeks, travelling across the US by car; why not do it by train instead?

Train Travel

Amtrak operate the national rail service, throughout the USA. There are also other commuter lines within the country that operate local services, generally based in big cities like New Jersey Transit and Metro North in New York, Metra in Chicago, Caltrain in San Francisco and Metrolink in Los Angeles. All have their own way of enticing customers to travel and ticketing types can be very different from one to the next. 

A Full list of Commuter Rail Operators in the USA is available on Wikipedia. Each then links to the respective operator. A list of Light Rail Systems in the USA is also available.

Tourist trains operate in the USA such as at the Arkansas & Missouri Railroad in Springdale, Arkansas, the Adirondack Scenic Railroad in Utica, NY, and the White Pass & Yukon Route in Skagway, Alaska. See my reports on them all; Arkansas & Missouri Railroad (visited more than once so more reports available), Adirondack Scenic Railroad (visited more than once so more reports available) & White Pass & Yukon Route (visited more than once so more reports available).

A full list of Railroads in the USA along with a list of heritage railways in the USA, can be found on Wikipedia.

Train times and Tickets

Booking tickets for travel within the USA can be done at most Amtrak stations or online for long distance travel; beware that some Amtrak stations are completely unmanned!


From time to time Amtrak offer big discounts across all fares; these are definitely worth looking out for!

Book tickets online

Downloadable PDF Timetables by Route – Full network timetables are available upon request at Amtrak stations

Amtrak Network PDF Map

For the Rail Enthusiast

A comprehensive list of Locomotives in the USA by their respective railway system can be found at The Diesel Shop.

Simple maps of the US Rail Network, including some of the Class 1 Freight Railroads as separate maps are available online at mapsof

As the US rail system is so vast available comprehensive atlases are broken down into State volumes and are available from SPV as Railroad Atlases of North America.

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